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Covering letter sample

There could be many applicants for a particular job opening so the applicant who submits an application with a winning cover letter will likely get noticed at once. His application could then be segregated from the rest and would likely be the first candidate to be called for interview. Hence it is important to write your cover letter professionally – doing so will put you above the other job applicants and ahead of the competition.

A well-written cover letter demonstrates your communication and organizational skills, two things of paramount importance in any organization. Communication is a must skill that you must have especially in these days of the Internet when business transactions and negotiation are done mostly through emails and other fast means of communication.

Rule # 1:

Take the time to write and customize your cover letter to fit the employer's requirements as announced in the job advertisement. Be aware of the criteria for the position and come up with a list of what the employer wants. These requirements are usually included in the job ad and could include the specific areas of expertise the company needs, years of experience of a job applicant, his technical knowledge, the transferable skills that he possesses, and his personality traits. You must incorporate these items into your cover letter and use it to demonstrate by example that you have the desired qualifications the company is looking for.

Rule # 2:

Write the cover letter with the employer's needs in mind – and definitely not your own needs. Describe what you can do for the employer and his company. Make your resume as clear as possible so the employer gets his information about you quickly. An ambiguously written resume and a poor cover letter is not what will attract the attention of your prospective boss.

Rule # 3:

In as brief a manner as possible, tell them in your cover letter why they should hire you. The tone of your letter should be professional and to the point, without any pretence or unnecessary formality.

Here is a short and simple covering letter sample:

Dear Sir or Madam,

In response to your advertisement in for ENTER HERE THE JOB TITLE YOU ARE APPLYING, I have attached my resume for your consideration.

As a Consultant with over 3 years experience, I have had exposure to many different technologies on both UNIX and Windows platforms.  I am currently employed as a Software Developer working within a Client/Server environment with UNIX, C++, and Sybase. REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR EXPERIENCE

If my skills are of interest to you, please contact me by email or call me to discuss possible employment opportunities within your company. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.